Mar 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Do you ever have those weeks that just seem to be a struggle? No big, catastrophic event to set your world upside down, but just... little struggles that seem overwhelming? This has been one of those weeks for us. On the one hand, I'm rather proud of us that we got any school done at all, considering the funk I've been in and the kids' capacity and alacrity for taking advantage of such funks. On the other, I'm a little ashamed of our my inability to rise above such petty concerns and just do the hard things anyway, no matter how I feel.

Part of the issue this week was that it started out with a holiday. We have always celebrated St. Patrick's Day. (If you worry about how his name should be shortened, take the high road and just don't do it at all. Stick to formality when it comes to venerable saints and you can't go wrong.) We celebrate mostly as a hat-tip to our beloved Irish ancestors. (We descended from a lot of different European and North American people-groups but the Irish are the ones of which we are the most proud.) When the kids were little, celebrating St. Patrick's Day required a lot of dancing with green scarves to rolicking Irish jigs, and a lot of talk about how to catch a leprechaun. But now that they are older a simpler celebration sufficed. Kaytie made cupcakes. The girls made green marshmallow snacks. Daniel and the girls colored pictures. We did some fun and simple worksheets. We all drank green milk and wore green shirts. Well, Daddy wore green socks. ;) Kaytie put out a cup of milk to entice a leprechaun who drank it and left a dozen green M n Ms as a small token of his gratitude. It was fun and easy and I was struck by how happily and confidently they took over the planning and implementing of their own holiday. They are growing up.

In other news, one child got run over by another child's bicycle. Nate cooked supper last night (chicken alfredo) and did a fairly good job for doing all by himself the first time ever. I'm planning next year's school work already. We discovered my phone will take slow motion video and that's just fun. We survived another dust storm. Kaytie has used just about every art form known to man in the past two weeks. And Abbie decided that she needed to dress up for school.

Spring soccer is getting ready to begin. The kids are excited. I'm thinking I need to prepare for the onslaught of no evenings free and suppers on the fly and the emotional turmoil of two kids moving up into the next age group and one kid being left behind on her own. Although, to be clear, the emotional turmoil is ALL mine, not theirs, not even the kid being left on her own. Soccer is good, though. It gets us out of the house, we get to spend time with friends, I get time to chat with other moms, and we all get fresh air and exercise.

Rumor has it that our baby hedgehog will be big enough to leave his/her mommy this weekend!!! We are so excited. We have been discussing names, but since we don't know for certain sure if we are getting a boy or a girl, we have to wait until it comes home to decide for certain. However, we might have all agreed on a name that would work for both. Maybe.

Speaking of pets... we have a bird. I like birds as pets, but this one is not my favorite ever. She is loud and she is messy. I thought she was just accidentally messy until the other day when the kids were all outside. The house was quiet and I just happened to look up and catch her taking the seed shells off the bottom of her cage and throwing them through the bars out of her cage. I'm the only one who doesn't find this hysterically amusing. Some have suggested that she is indulging in a bit of spring cleaning, but I feel no sympathy for her desire to be tidy. Maybe we should get her a tiny vacuum cleaner?

And finally, here's a quick peek at what it's like around the supper table at our house...

Steve says, "A priest, a rabbi, and a preacher walk into a bar. The bartender says, 'What is this? Some kinda joke?'"
There is silence around the table. I, who have heard the joke before, say, "I don't think they are quite old enough to have enough joke experience to get that joke."
Nate says, "OH! I didn't realize the joke was OVER! It's hard to laugh at a joke that you didn't know had even ended."
There is a short pause and then he adds, "And I guess it's too late to start laughing now, huh?"

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Jodi said...

I really love this post. I learned so much about your family in those seven quick takes! A baby hedgehog??? Are you kidding? If my kids see yours, they will want one too! You are a fun momma for so many reasons. And it's such a joy to read your story!

:) Jodi


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