May 21, 2014

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Trident Case

I've had a cell phone for many, many years. And in all those years, I never had an "incident". Never a drop, never a break, never a shattered screen. Until last December. And then somehow I cracked my iPhone screen twice in less than a month. It was disconcerting, to say the least. I had never used a case before, but suddenly I felt the need of one. And a sturdy one at that. Fortunately, I was asked to review KRAKEN A.M.S. CASE FOR APPLE IPHONE 5/5S For Devices  iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s Kraken Case from Trident Case.

For Devices: iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S (Kraken Case)
There was a variety of color options, and I chose my favorite: green. It arrived promptly in the mail, well packaged and in good shape.It was easy for a non-techy minded person like me to take it out of the box and put it on my phone. First test passed with flying colors!


I've had it on my phone for several weeks now. It's accompanied us to the park, it's endured the loving hands of my kids, it's survived the curious sniffs of the dog, it's jogged around in my pocket, it's hung out on dusty soccer fields, and it even went camping with us! Through all of that, it has shown it's true colors.

It fits snugly over my phone, providing protection from dust. There is a lot of dust in West Texas these days, but none of it gets through this case. There are snug little covers over each port, keeping the dust out of there, as well. These covers are easy to pull out when needed, but fit nicely back in when I'm finished with the port.

The screen protector provides an extra layer of security, meaning I no longer have to worry about dropping it in my jeans' pocket with my car keys, or the rock that Daniel asked me hold for him. I don't worry about the kids' fingers poking and jabbing anymore either. It offered no hindrance to using the screen.

The silver bar in the picture above is a nifty little stand, so I can set my phone down for hands free viewing. Here is Daniel demonstrating this feature.

(Please ignore the mis-matched pjs, I decided that was not a fight worth fighting.)

What I like about this case is that it keeps my phone safe. Not only from drops and grubby, excited kids, but also from dirt and dust. I like the security of the screen protector. I like that everything does what it is supposed to do. My husband once had a phone case whose port protectors would never stay in the port. It was highly annoying, to say the least, so I was pleased that my Kraken did not have that trouble! And finally, although this might seem a little silly, I love the color and just the way it looks. 

The only con about my Kracken case is really just a mild irritation. The screen protector has a tendency to get a little grimy. The oil from our fingers lingered on the plastic and the edges had a tendency to harbor dust and lint from my pockets. Not a big deal, but I did want to point it out since this is my first phone case and I don't know how typical of an issue that might be. 

I did think about performing some experiments to determine it's durability, but decided that just the fact it survived me and the kids for over a month living our daily life is durability enough! Because I had no hesitation about handing it over to them to take pictures, play games, or whatever kids do with their mom's iPhone. It offers protection from all ages.

Overall, I highly recommend this case and will happily continue to use it.

The Kraken Case for iPhone 5 or 5s is $49.95

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