May 3, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

We went camping last weekend. It was a lot of fun. Only, of course, in our family, it isn't really a road trip until someone pukes. Abbie and Daniel both get carsick, but thankfully, they take turns and only one of them ever throws up on a trip. This time was Abbie's turn. We are so good at this carsickness gig that she got it all in the container and we spotted a trash receptacle immediately to dispose of the evidence. I suppose everyone has to be good at something and this is our thing.

It was a family camp for cub scouts. So it was an "easy" camp with good food and no digging your own latrines. But we did sleep in tents. The kids were great. There was a minimum of bickering, no whining at all, and they stayed so busy during the day they slept well at night! We did a variety of activities. The family scavenger hunt, which we won "first back with all the stuff but a pinecone" (because there were no pine trees), was my favorite. But the kids' favorite was shooting guns. And I realized quickly that if there ever is actually a zombie apocalypse then I'm hanging out with Daniel because he is a good shot!!

Another activity we did was take a nature walk. That was fun and, oddly enough, helped me solidify in my head what a Charlotte Mason nature walk should look like. Nature study is not where my strengths lie, but I got a lot of good ideas from the way the boys' den leader handled things. As we started out, he asked the kids, "We are in a different ecosystem than the camp we usually go to, so what do you see that is different here than at home?"
Abbie promptly replied, "Too much trees!!!"
That's my West Texas kid!

Our co-op finished up the year with a Field Day which was simply too much fun! The kids had a blast playing all the crazy games and I lucked out because the game I ran was right beside a nice shady spot. We came home with lots of ribbons, a hoola hoop, a beach ball, silly putty, and, best of all, great memories. I don't have any pictures, just a video of each kid, but I won't bore you with those. ;)

We had soccer games today. Well, three kids did. Nate is working on a science badge for Scouts, which meant I had to juggle two different activities in getting kids ready to leave the house and organize my time to get him dropped off and the rest of us to the field. It was grueling, I tell you. No thanks to my skills, it worked out and everyone actually got where they were supposed to be on time (barely) with everything they needed, but it was touch and go there for awhile. "This," I told the kids after a particularly massive panic attack, "Is why you all play the same sport!!!"


Photo: This is why you don't let your kids go to the neighbors' garage sale unattended.


This is why you don't let your kids go to the neighbor's yard sale unattended. 

We are starting back to school on Monday! I'm looking forward to wrapping up the year because our summer term is mostly just about finishing up things. I'm excitedly planning next year already and should have a post about that soon!

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Jodi said...

I love your "Seven Quick Takes" posts. I am going to have to give that a try soon. :) I especially laughed pretty hard at your comment about why you don't let kids go to the neighbor's yard sale unattended! LOVE IT!


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