May 26, 2014

Super Heroes

My kids are on a Superhero kick. The Avengers, obviously, are their favorites. The picture below shows their costume choices for last Halloween. Recently, we were chatting about them and I pointed out their similarities with the superheroes that they chose.

"Daniel is like Hawkeye because he is quiet and confident and likes to shoot weapons. Abbie is like Captain America because even though she is small, she is feisty and persistent. Kaytie is like Black Widow because she is pretty, but there is so much more to her than just a pretty face, she is smart and strong, too! And Nate is like Iron Man because he is techno smart, likes to invent things and is.. yes, he is cocky."

Nate sighed deeply and said, "Poor Abbie because she froze in the ocean. Poor Daniel and Kaytie because they don't get their own movies. And," he sighed an even deeper sigh, "Poor me, because I had to save the world like, four times."

Yes, cocky. Cocky indeed.

So now they have all gotten together and decided to be Super Heroes when they grow up. They have it all figured out. They will each learn to speak a different animal language. They each have their own skill set, they explained to me, so they can all bring something different to the table.

Daniel will take care of the science issues. Kaytie has the language and communication under control. Nate will be in charge of all technology. And Abbie? Well, she says her strength is in brainwashing... she will be in charge of mind control.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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