Oct 25, 2014

Our Week In Photos 2

Daddy was out of town, so I splurged and took the kids to Sonic for supper. They were arguing over who got the complimentary mint. When the carhop came out and asked if there was anything else we needed, I impulsively asked for some extra mints. My thought was that there was probably a couple in the bag and he would give me a couple more and all the kids would get one. Instead he came back with a heaping handful which he dumped into my incredulous hands. Then he pulled some more from his apron and tossed them into the back of the car at the kids. I snapped this picture when we got home and it's only about half of the mints that he gave us.

Sofie, half begging, half sneaking closer and closer to help herself if needed. She is super stealthy and as subtle as a semi.

I was so delighted to have to tell Abbie to stop reading and finish her chores! :) This is commonplace for the big kids but the little kids just started delving into the delights of reading for pleasure.

Abbie found a snail (Mr. X was his name) and Daniel built this mountain for him to climb. I think Mr. X escaped before he came to a bad end on this version of Mt Everest.

Who needs a pillow pet when you can use your pet for a pillow?

Nate was at a friends' birthday party last night so I took the other three kids to an early trick or treat event. The lines were incredibly long, which explains Daniel's long face. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me who the kids are dressed up to be!

The baby that we babysit likes to do this with his paci. He puts it there as a handy sort of pocket when he doesn't want it in his mouth. 

Daniel took this photo of the beautiful leaf he found.

And Abbie went out to take a picture of a bird but came back with this. 

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