Nov 15, 2014

Giving Thanks

I usually try to post every day in November: a list of the things I am thankful for. But I never last the entire month. I'm not sure I've ever lasted a week. But that doesn't mean I'm not thankful! So this year, I decided to just pick a day and list some things I'm thankful for. I'm going to break it up into a few posts, so here's the first ten.

1. My God. He is not only holy and just and faithful and true but He is loving and compassionate and merciful. I am thankful that even after 40 years of not getting it right, He still hasn't given up on me but is gently, patiently, kindly giving me not just second chances but 100 million chances.

2. My husband. He is all the things in that post and even more. It's not what he does that makes me grateful that he is mine, but simply who he is. Because he. Is. Awesome!

3. Kaytie. She who made my dreams come true. I badly wanted a boy when I was expecting her, but since the moment she was born, I have never been sorry that she was a girl. I love her courage to try something new, her big sister care of her siblings, her joy in giving gifts, her delight in creating and the fact that she comes to chat with me at night because she doesn't sleep. I do wish she slept sometimes, though.

4. Nate. He is just like his dad and that means that sometimes he confuses me, sometimes he drives me crazy and always he amazes me. He is smart and cocky and helpful and opinionated and talented and obsessive. He loves to talk and he tells hilarious jokes with impeccable timing. His ideas are not limited by a lack of imagination and the fact that he doesn't always remember facts correctly just adds to his quirky charm. He is charming. And he is most definitely quirky. He is the most challenging of the kids but he is also the one most likely to come to my aid when I am a damsel in distress and he is the one most likely to stop by and give me a hug and an "I love you, Mom" for no particular reason.

5. Daniel. He is all boy, but he is also the sweetest. The one most likely to give up his way for the others unless they make him feel taken advantage of. He will paint the girls' fingernails and brush their hair. He spends the rest of his time bug hunting, snail taming, and digging elaborate tunnels. He is my math loving kid who is reluctant to read. He is musical, funny, and brilliant.

6. Abbie. Shy in public, but wild and crazy at home. She is the one who is often voted "the one of us most likely to actually be an alien" by unanimous consent by the siblings. She is all about sparkles and glitter and fairies. But she can run with the boys and keep up, too! Tangles in her hair and dirt on her face do not keep her from twirling in a tutu like a princess.

7. My family. There are way too many to mention them all individually but I was blessed with God-fearing parents (and step-mom), some awesome big brothers and some great sisters-in-law. I have lots of cool nephews and nieces, an adorable great-nephew and one fabulous mother-in-law for whom I am most grateful. And let's not forget the cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles that impacted my raising.

8. Friends. Both in real life and those "hard to explain" internet friends. Maybe especially those hard to explain internet friends. I have five awesome friends who have chatted with me daily for over nine years now. We have been together through moves, births, deaths, job losses, new jobs, joys, sorrows, struggles, and just daily life. Even though I haven't met all of them in person, there is nothing I would not do for them if I could. I'm grateful that a random google search many years ago resulted in knowing these ladies.

9. My kids' friends. I am so grateful that they all have good friends that they love, and that love them back. They have a pack of kids surrounding them that build them up, draw them to God and exert positive peer pressure.

10. My rights and freedoms and the people who put their lives on the line daily to defend them.

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