Dec 1, 2014


Welcome to Nine, Daniel! Our funny, smart, sweet, sensitive, cuddly, rough and tumble, noise with dirt on it, little guy!
This was the year that you shot up in height. That you gained fluency in reading. That you delved deeply into learning all you could about the world around you. You were fascinated by bugs, fell in love with the goalie position in soccer, went camping with Daddy and sang lots of annoying boy songs. This was the year you were a Bear Scout and a Webelow Scout and earned your whittling chip. The year you began to soar in math. The year you stepped into your own brand of humor and joke telling. The year you learned to dance with style. You built bottle rockets, bug houses, and snail gymnasiums. You learned to swim and found the courage to jump off the diving board into the deep end. You grew in love and compassion and learned so much about friendships. There were bumps and snags and car wrecks in your year, but you rose above all of them to find your way. You are an amazing guy, Daniel, with a big heart and a head full of brains. Have a happy, happy year as you make your way to Ten!

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