Jan 26, 2015

Ancient History: Noah and the Ice Age

I know it's been a while since I've updated our history studies, but we had two lax weeks where only the basics got accomplished. And then I forgot that I didn't publish this post... But, we have finally finished our projects and books up through the Ice Age! And, even better, you can now read about it! (we've actually done more, but... see the part about my bad memory above...)

To start with, we read:

The appropriate selections from
Mystery of History Vol 1

The True Story of Noah's Ark

This book was given to us many, many years ago by a dear friend of mine. The kids read and looked through it a lot when they were little, but it had been sitting on a shelf for a while so I pulled it out and read it aloud. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is as close to the actual Bible as it can be. We read it alongside of reading the story from Genesis, and I have to tell you that we all learned something we didn't already know. And that's hard to do with a story you hear so often in Sunday School! 

This book was also given to us by the same good friend. This is a great book for your dinosaur-crazed kid if you want something that comes from the Creation worldview. Since we are Young Earth Creationists, I have always enjoyed this book. It's level is a little below my kids, but it was a fun read-aloud all the same. It sparked some discussion, which is always good. 

This was a great book. We took our time reading through it and by the time we were finished, the kids had started playing "cave man" pretend games. I love how it explains early man from a Creation worldview. It is well-written with nice pictures that my kids enjoyed looking at.

We watched:

A Youtube video of a Noah's Ark Replica

We did:

Each kid drew a picture of the ark from Draw and Write Through History

Kaytie's. She included a giraffe and a snail. Considering how high the water is getting, they had better hurry!

 photo IMG_3343_zps74ef7a34.jpg

Nate's. He added a wooly mammoth and two "seafaring dinosaurs" which, he believes, were the ancestors of the Loch Ness Monster.

 photo IMG_3340_zps8d5b6042.jpg

Daniel added a wooly mammoth

 photo IMG_3336_zps4e990822.jpg

Abbie included an apparently very proud giraffe and a snail. The giraffe is going the wrong way because he forgot to use the restroom first.

 photo IMG_3341_zpsdbd8bcd3.jpg

We froze and excavated some animals. I got the idea from this post. We used disposable aluminum bread pans and Toob animals. I chose the ones that seemed most likely to be found frozen in ice and I made sure the eskimo was in there because, of course, humans were around in the Ice Age. I tried the advice she gave about freezing your animals in layers so they stay standing up, but my animals were more stubborn than hers, I guess, because some of them managed to float to the top anyway.

All frozen in the ice... I was highly irritated at the penguin and the fox.

 photo IMG_2476_zpse854a6cb.jpg 

The kids used knives to chip away at the ice.

 photo IMG_2482_zpsdec7a07c.jpg

They also used droppers to apply hot water,

 photo IMG_2492_zpsf3836f9e.jpg

and salt water

 photo IMG_2491_zpsa7e1eb03.jpg

Progress was slow but steady.

 photo IMG_2510_zpsd7706b5c.jpg

In the end, they each dug out two figures.

 photo IMG_2511_zps00c30537.jpg

And were pretty thrilled about it. 

 photo IMG_2512_zps5f5a59e8.jpg

This activity was a huge hit. The kids loved it and have asked to do it again several times.

What I  wanted to do but never quite got around to:

And you can get some more ideas from my Ancient History Pinterest board

You can read about our first section, Creation, here, and an overview of our history plans and resources here.

Find links to all my ancient history posts at the:
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We have already finished the next section, so I will try not to take so long to get it posted!

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