Feb 15, 2015

Not Fair!

Our dog, The Dreaded Jungle Basset, is not allowed on our beds. This rule goes double for the parental bed. She usually respects this rule with aplomb, but has been known to whine and pitch a fit when she sees one of the kids on my bed. She thinks of the kids as her equals and feels as though anything they are allowed to do she should also be allowed to do.

 photo IMG_3801_zpstdaotdnt.jpg

The other day, the kids and I were all hanging out on my bed, watching Fiddler on the Roof songs on Youtube when Sofie trotted into the room. She saw me and came around to put her head up for a pat and a scratch around the ears. That's when she saw the kids. And she lost her cool. She started barking. She started growling. She stomped around the room barking and growling at us. Then she grabbed HER bed, a soft gray mat that we keep in my room, and dragged it, growling out of the room into the hall and into the boys' room. Then she came back and barked at us some more. She made it very clear that not only was she unhappy with the injustice but that if we weren't going to share our bed then she wasn't going to share hers!

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