Mar 28, 2015

A Peek Inside Nate's Head

Nate is probably my most unique child. He is certainly the child that makes me laugh the most. He always has something to say and his comments and observations are generally unexpected. Here's a couple of conversations I have had with him recently.

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Me: I wonder where the custom of saluting even came from?
Nate: Probably from the Aztecs. They invented everything.
Me: I have not heard this about the Aztecs before. So much of my education was a lie.


Nate: I'm going to blow up a bridge at my wedding.
Me: You are going to blow up a BRIDGE!?!?
Nate: Yes.
Me: At your wedding?
Nate: Yes.
Me: You are going to BLOW UP a bridge?!?!
Nate: Yes.
Me: At your WEDDING?
Nate: Yes.
Me: You better marry a very unique girl.


Nate: You learn everything from a book. Except for Hard Life Lessons. Those, you learn from your parents.
Kaytie: And physical pain. I've learned a lot of Hard Life Lessons from physical pain.

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