Mar 14, 2015

From Cub to Boy

Last week, Nate crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. This is a big step for a Scouting boy and therefor a big event for a Scouting family.

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My handsome little guy. I nearly cried when I tied on his neckerchief for the last time (he won't wear one in his Troop). But thankfully, the rest of the evening was such a whirlwind that I was able to keep my mind from dwelling on how quickly he is growing up and I didn't cry during the ceremony at all! He was thankful for this. :)

The centerpieces for each table were so cool! The word on the signpost comes from the Boy Scout Law and each table had a different word.

The program. 

Nate and his buddy checking out the airplanes on stage. The planes were brought by Dr. McCool.

Nate and another boy in his pack each earned the Supernova Award. They worked hard over the summer to earn it and were awarded it by Dr. Barry McCool, astronaut Willie McCool's father.

Nate and his friend went to the same Troop. Their new Scout Leader is the man behind them.

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Traditionally, Scouts cross a bridge to signify their Crossing Over, but we live in West Texas so our boys passed through a teepee. It was pretty cool.

Nate with all his awards and "swag". In addition to crossing over, he also earned his Arrow of Light.

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