Mar 20, 2015

Top O' The Mornin'!

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St. Patrick's Day, for us, is always a day of fun and festivities. But we rarely do the same thing twice. This year, I fully intended to make the kids green waffles since we have a brand new waffle iron. However, I woke up on the 17th and realized that we were out of flour. Oh well, I was up early and the kids were all still sleeping. My husband had not yet left for work so I had plenty of time to run to the store and buy some flour. Oh, and some potatoes for a good Irish-style supper. And some cheese. And something fun for the kids for lunch. And might as well grab a gallon of milk. And... when I returned home from the store with two bags full of groceries (including four cans of silly string) I was surprised and dismayed to discover that I forgotten to buy flour!!!

So the kids had cold cereal with green milk for breakfast.

After that, the day got a little better. We all wore green. We did some school. And a leprechaun or two even showed up. 

The kids set milk out for the other leprechauns... the smaller ones. 

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And after awhile discovered that the wee man had drank it and gratefully left them each a couple of chocolate kisses covered in green foil. You just can't out give a leprechaun!

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I found this fun scavenger hunt online and kind of morphed it to fit our needs. I hand wrote the clues and just printed the games because that was a LOT of green ink! It wasn't just a treasure hunt, because the clues led them, not to another clue, but to a game or a challenge. When they finished playing the game I would hand them their next clue. 

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They tried to roll a seven...

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Discovered their leprechaun name...

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Played "Don't Eat Pete!"

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Unscrambled some St. Patrick's Day words...

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Hunted for "gold coins" (pennies)...

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And eventually discovered the treasure of silly string!!!

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Then they had a silly string war...

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 Afterwards we danced to some Irish jigs, watched the Veggietales St. Patrick's Day video, discovered even the Dreaded Jungle Basset has some Irish in her...

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ate roasted potatoes and cheese and bacon and chicken for supper and just generally had a grand old time!

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