Apr 4, 2015

April Fool Fun

I know a lot of people frown upon April Fool's and the pranking that happens on that day, but in our family, a sense of humor prevails and we just plan on having plenty of harmless fun. We do have a few guidelines:

  1. No hurting people. 
  2. No hurting people's feelings. It isn't funny to say things like: "You're hair is ugly! Just kidding!" Don't do it.
  3. No destruction of personal or public property. 
  4. No wasting food. Food pranks are fine, but it has to still be edible at the end. Wasting food is something I feel strongly about and we don't do it just for fun.
  5. This last one isn't really a rule, but I strongly advise people to only pull a prank that they could handle being pulled on them. 
Otherwise, no holds are barred in the feast of ideas.

As the first one up, I have the chance to start things off. 

I wrote on the kid's cheeks with crayola marker. :) A very sweet message. :) This was not as easy as I thought it would be. The kids kept twitching and rubbing their cheek. I didn't even get Kaytie at all because she opened her eyes suddenly. I told her to "Shhhh, go back to sleep" and she did, but then I started laughing and couldn't stop so I just left. 

I later used this to my advantage to cast suspicion her way. ;)

I also rearranged some things in the kitchen. The kids had trouble finding breakfast foods. But that was ok, because the silverware to eat it with had mysteriously disappeared!!!

When they came to me to get their daily math sheets, I gave them an algebra worksheet that I had printed off Math U See's website. They were a little taken aback. Nate kept saying, "This isn't even possible!"

I even pranked the baby that we babysit. I made him a bottle of milk and handed it to him. Used to being held while he drinks bottles, he just stood there, looking at it and then at me. 

Nate turned the milk blue and made Daniel some green scrambled eggs. Abbie gave everyone an addressed, empty envelope. 

Daddy also got in on the action. He rubberbanded the spray nozzle and then went to work. Kaytie turned the water on and got an unexpected shower. :) She freaked out a little, thinking she had broken something and started turning the spray nozzle around in an attempt to get it to turn off. She had sprayed the entire kitchen before I could say, "Turn the water off!!!"

As you can tell, she was amused by the incident. 

When Daddy gloated about "winning April Fool's" the kids' competitive streak kicked in.

They taped his remote, put confetti on the fan, taped the light switches and replaced the toilet paper with a sign that said, "Feed me!"

Best of all, they put our cold pack into his bed, down near the foot...

The girls tried to trick me with fake puke, but I just thought someone had painted an abstract picture of a lily pond.

My personal favorite of the day was Nate's. We ate supper outside on our patio that night and he willingly offered to go grab a fork for the pickles. He returned with a piece of paper upon which he had written, 4rk. Then Daddy asked him to bring him a glass of tea and Nate returned with this:

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