Apr 25, 2015

Penguin Tales: The Superhero Edition

(this is our sort of weekly digest where I share happenings, special events, photos, Facebook statuses and etc. of our week) I was sick last week and never got this posted. I will post this week's soon.

I try to be relaxed about the kids socializing a bit during school time. But, as with most kids, if you give these people an inch, they will take a mile and eventually I do have to start "shhhhing" them. Then there are those days where no amount of "shhhhhh!!!!" seems to have an effect, so I put on classical music (very loudly, because I am that kind of mom) to set a sort of calming atmosphere. Monday, we had one of those days and quickly found Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on Youtube. A sort of silence descended upon the room and I turned back to listening to Abbie read. After a few minutes, I look up to discover both boys have laid down their pencils, risen to their feet, and are miming shooting machine guns in time to the music. Not being a small boy, I would never have thought such a thing was possible, but they found a way.

An impromptu history lesson ended with this:

Me: Do you know who she was? She was Henry VIII's daughter!
Nate: Henry VIII. He fancied beheading.

And our spelling class inspired this conversation:

Me: I don't understand why you don't write on both sides of the paper, Kaytie.
Nate: I do!
Me: Why?
((short pause while we all stare at each other))
Me: Why doesn't she write on both sides?
Nate: OH! No, I meant I do write on both sides of the paper. I was thinking, "If you don't know why she doesn't and you don't know why I do, then you have issues!"

I showed the kids this picture, of when they were little and cute, and Abbie declared, in haughty tones, "I think I should have been the one to sit down!"

Our co-op had a "dress like a superhero" day. Kaytie went as herself.

Abbie and her friend were so cute that his mom took pictures. 

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