May 1, 2015

Penguin Tales: The Don't Set the House on Fire Edition

Abbie played an awesome game of soccer. Actually, all the kids did great, but Abbie has really come into her own as a goalie. She is fierce in that box and her coach played her all game and even hunted her down a pair of goalie gloves. She is proud of those gloves! 

In other soccer news, as we were getting ready for practice one afternoon, one of the boys was not dressed entirely appropriately for the coming event. For some reason, my sons either want to dress as though they live under a bridge or they want to wear black dress pants to soccer practice, there doesn't ever seem to be a happy medium. 
So in the course of the conversation, he somehow lured me into saying, "You are NOT wearing underwear to soccer practice!!!" 
Then they all four giggled hysterically.

Kaytie entered a science fair. She didn't win, but we were proud that she did the work 100% by herself and she scored high on everything but her board. She learned a lot and had a great time!

Daniel likes to make little paper men out of sticky notes and put them on the ceiling fan. Then he turns the fan on and they all try to guess how long the poor little guys can hang on. This week, as they were indulging in this pastime, Daniel suddenly hushed the other kids. "Listen! You can hear him screaming!"
And sure enough, the rustle of the paper was faintly reminiscent of a paper scream.

Here are a few Facebook statuses I posted this week:

Nate: If you could get a White Hole and a Black Hole to somehow collide, it would create a wormhole and you could travel.
Kaytie: If you combined a White Hole and a Black Hole, wouldn't you have a Gray Hole?
She makes so much more sense to me than he does.

Me: (pointing at a math problem) Ok, what do you see here?
Daniel: I see Death from the Skies!!!
Yikes! No wonder he is so resistant to doing his math!

Abbie: Daniel took my advice, which was the best advice. 
Nate: The best advice comes from God.
Abbie: (doubtfully) Well, it was about how to not have to scrub egg out of the pan later... so...
She has a point. I don't think soaking egg pans was ever mentioned in the Bible. Not even in Leviticus. Humility, however, WAS covered, so there's that.

Someone asked, "What will your kids remember as 'What Mom always said'?"
I tried to come up with something witty or profound that I say often, but, honestly, if we are going by what I say MOST OFTEN it will be:
Stop fighting!
Don't set the house on fire!

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