May 23, 2015

Penguin Tales: The Dreaded Jungle Basset Edition

Sofie has strong opinions on how she should be treated. She expects to rank right up there among the children (except when there are chores to be done, and then she sadly explains that she can't help because... no opposable thumbs... so sorry). She was curled up in Daddy's chair the other day, fast asleep, while Kaytie stalked a mosquito. When it landed on the chair and Kaytie smacked it soundly with a book, Sofie was startled into wakefulness. She instantly divined that Kaytie had swung a book at her head and she was highly offended. She leapt to her feet and glared at Kaytie. Then she came over to me and poked me with her nose. She glared at Kaytie, looked meaningfully at me, and then glared at Kaytie, whining all the while. Once she had finished tattling, she climbed up in my lap and glared at Kaytie for quite some time.


Another day, she was outside while the kids were scattered over the living room, doing school. She asked to be let in, so Abbie jumped up to open the door for her. When she saw Nate in Daddy's chair, she went crazy. She started whining and stared hard at him. He kindly scooted over and made room for her to sit beside him, but she was not in the mood for sharing. She jumped up beside him and whined and griped at him, trying to shove him out of the way with her rear end. She got so insistent that I finally had to stop laughing and make her get down. She pouted for a long time.


Abbie picked up Because of Winn Dixie and said, "I could read this book! I could read it for school."
I replied, "You can read it for the fun of it."
She was quite startled that reading for fun was a thing, but she tried it and she is halfway through it already. Yea!


Daniel's Cub Scout pack ended the year with a Raingutter Regatta Race. It was a very informal affair, but the kids had fun.


The kids bought some water balloons and then Daniel and Abbie amused themselves by making

Bob the Tomato and 

Larry the Cucumber and a very cold Bob the Tomato


This is Sofie's "You are in my spot!" glare.

And this is Sofie's "You are eating my cracker!" glare

Then she offered to do Kaytie's math for her, but Kaytie knew it was a trick. Sofie just writes "7" as all the answers.

And finally, some Facebook statuses from the week:

Me: I'm so disappointed.
Nate: Don't stay that way.
Me: Why not?
Nate: Because nobody likes a disappointed adult.

I feel so discriminated against.

Kaytie and Nate were having a discussion about music. Then...
Kaytie: Hey, wait! What are you talking about? I thought we were talking about music.
Nate: Not anymore, now I'm talking about the Periodic Table.
Me: Get used to it, Kaytie. Hoggard males can't stay away from the topics of their obsession for long.
Nate: What was that about Hoggard males???
Kaytie: They're obsessive.
Daniel: HEY!!!
Me: There's an exception to every rule, Daniel.
Nate: But, you, Daniel, are not it.

Me: If you have 1 apple and no one eats it, takes it or stomps it into applesauce, how many apples do you have?
Nate: Boy, you lead a boring life!
Kaytie: Why do you say that?
Nate: Because no one has stomped on your apples!

1. lack of violence doesn't equate to boredom.
2. my kids are weird.

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