May 9, 2015

Penguin Tales: The Rain, Soccer, and Dreaded Jungle Basset Edition

My kids have this thing where they "call dibs" on everything. From who gets to eat the leftovers to where they get to sit in the van to who gets to pick the favorite chore. So when I facetiously said, "Hey, George, Henry, Fred and Wilhelmina, get your shoes on so we can go!" I was not that surprised when Abbie instantly yelled, "I call dibs on being Wilhelmina!!!"

The Dreaded Jungle Basset turned five years old this week:


She has grown a lot, except for her ears. Her ears are the same size as when she was born. She really is a handy dog to have around. She's been through a lot in her time.

But as Kaytie learned this week, if The Dreaded Jungle Basset offers to do your math for you, don't do it. It's a trick. She will just write the number 7 for every answer and your mom will make you do it over.

We had a lot of rain this week. Daniel and I had to drive to Scouts in a deluge and then, when we got there, we forded a raging torrent to enter the building. Since this left us with soaking feet, Daniel seized the opportunity to shed his shoes.

This reminded me of the old poem, Barefoot Boy. :)

It rained so much that we had a soccer practice cancelled due to the field being flooded. The kids immediately turned anti-rain and started praying against it. It cleared up enough for us to have practice on Thursday and then it clouded up and poured again on Friday. Daniel, gazing mournfully out the window, announced, "I told it it could rain on Friday."

Nate sighed, "Don't make promises to the weather you don't want it to keep."

However, the highlight of the rainstorm was when Abbie tried to get Sofie go outside in the rain to go potty. Sofie is fully house-trained, but she absolutely loathes getting wet, so when it is raining, she prefers to just cross her legs until it stops. Therefor this whole exercise was 40lbs of stubborn girl against 80lbs of stubborn Basset. 

The Dreaded Jungle Basset clearly won. Although she did get dampened in the process. Abbie then decided that Sofie needed to be dried with a towel that we keep for such purposes. After another long and breathless struggle, she did finally succeed in tipping Sofie over onto her side. Sofie lay there, legs out stiff, watching Abbie out of the corner of her eye. And the second, the very second Abbie shifted away to grab the towel, Sofie leapt to her feet and fled to freedom.

Clearly, the score was:
Girl: 0.
Basset: 2.

And where was I during the epic struggle?
Laughing so hard I cried.
The Dreaded Jungle Basset is currently not speaking to me. She might have won the battle, but getting laughed at is simply too much for her Basset pride.

And finally, all four kids (both teams) won their soccer games today! They played extra hard because one of their favorite cousins had come all the way from Colorado to watch. Here's a collage to celebrate. 

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