May 30, 2015

Penguin Tales: The Start of Summer Edition

Our world this week was rain and school and lots of mosquito bites. Kaytie counted 18 bites on herself and asserted that the ghosts of the 2 mosquitoes she had killed were coming back to bite her.

The boys pulled out Nate's chemistry set and spent a lot of the week playing with matches and changing the color of fire. This is one of those activities that I am on the fence about. I hate to deny them out of hand because it seems so educational. On the other hand, small boys and fire? Does that not just seem like a bad idea?

Also, school is almost over, We still have lots of math left and a little bit of other stuff. But when the final day of babysitting our baby (his parents are schoolteachers) almost exactly coincided with opening of the pool and the first VBS, I decided that school was over and all the rest of our work will be considered "summer school". So June will be filled with math, VBS, camp, cousins, play dates and swimming. July will be filled with holidays, summer movies, swimming and more play dates. Oh and lots of planning for next year for me!

Since news is pretty scarce around here this week, I'll leave you with some old Facebook statuses from my Timehop app

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