May 16, 2015

Penguin Tales: The Tooth Fairy Edition

So, the Tooth Fairy. My kids were all late teethers. They started losing their teeth late and so Kaytie, at 12, is still losing teeth. She had a molar fall out at breakfast this week. So she dutifully put it in an envelope and put it under her pillow that night. However, this is the child that doesn't sleep. So along about midnight, the Tooth Fairy decided that she just couldn't stay up any later waiting for this child to go. to. sleep. so she talked her husband (yes, in my world, the Tooth Fairy is married, where do you think she gets that steady supply of quarters?) into negotiating a deal with the sleepless kid. He offered her four quarters for her tooth (the usual price) and an extra two quarters for her silence. It was accepted with a smirk and all was well.

Until the following afternoon, when Kaytie approached me with a gleam in her eye. "Mom," she said, pointing to a molar on the other side of her mouth, "I don't think I ever got paid for this tooth."
"I'm pretty sure you did," I replied.
"No, I didn't get any money for it."
"Did you put it under your pillow?"
"Where's the tooth?"
"Oh, when I woke up the next morning, the tooth was gone, but there was no money."
"Uh-huh. Well, there's a statute of limitations on lost teeth. If you haven't got a tooth, you're out of luck."

I related this story to her father, later, and he laughed and laughed. "Once she knew it was us she tried to extort a little extra?"

I guess it was worth a try.


Another day, I heard Nate yell and I turned around to see Daniel holding a battery and Nate holding his tongue. I started to ask what was going on, but quickly saw the futility of that line of questioning and just told Daniel to put the battery away. Nate exclaimed, "That HURT!!! But it was funny anyway!"


Mother's Day was awesome. My kids and my husband spoiled me with breakfast in bed, grilled burgers for supper, a fire in the fire pit complete with roasted marshmallows, and two great presents. Kaytie organized the photos. She gathered money from all the kids, chose and bought the frame, chose and printed the pictures all by herself without me knowing that any of it was going on. Steve organized the buying of the bracelet, which has all the kids' names etched on it as well as "We love you, Mom!" 


Kaytie showed me how to make owls with your fingers.


Daniel used my phone to take a picture of this flying saucer cloud on the way to soccer practice.

 photo flying saucer cloud_zpsv3qjrsw5.jpg

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