May 20, 2015

Schoolhouse Review Crew: FishFlix sent us Privileged Species to review. is an online store for Christian and family-friendly movies. They have a vast collection of all different genres: biography, Christmas, documentaries, kid movies, comedy, Catholic, Evangelical, educational and a whole lot more.

Privileged Species is a documentary. It examines the evidence that the earth was formed by Intelligent Design. It discusses the delicate balance of the universe. Human beings are a privileged species because their bodies, the earth, and even the universe have just exactly the right balance that enables us to not only thrive but to simply exist. If there was too much oxygen or if water was a different viscosity, or if carbon did not exist, we could not possibly survive. Everything in the universe, from the spacing of the planets to the minutest detail of our DNA is just exactly the way our existence requires. Privileged Species goes into detail about the importance of oxygen, carbon and water to the survival of the earth. It also points out that human biology has a special significance to "nature" and is not an accident or chance occurrence.

Privileged Species is not a dry, boring lecture. Filled with gorgeous photography and videos, sprinkled with interviews and featuring geneticist and author Michael Denton, this was an enjoyable 33 minute show.

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Since we are a family that is fascinated with science, and since my husband and both strongly believe in presenting our children with all the facts and being open to discussion and debate and opposing thoughts, we started exploring the Creation/Evolution debate early in our home. Our kids are no strangers to either theory and we often discuss various possibilities such as Young Earth vs Old Earth, Intelligent Design vs Big Bang, if an Intelligent Designer used a Big Bang and so forth. So we were all interested in seeing Privileged Species. Nate, especially, was excited about it. We sat down one afternoon and watched it in one sitting. The 11 and 12 year olds were engaged the entire time, the 8 and 9 year olds were a little distracted but stayed until the end. Afterwards, we were able to have an enjoyable discussion of the facts presented.

I thought it was very informative and interesting. I learned a lot of new things. The importance of the viscosity of water, for example! This is what the kids thought:

Kaytie: It made me think about how much God cares for us because He so carefully and delicately balanced everything so we could live. It also made me think how there is no way this could have happened just on coincidence. This is a good movie for kids who want to learn more about creation and their world.

Nate: It was very interesting. It was interesting to think that if there was not enough oxygen or too much oxygen we would not be able to survive. Or water or gravity. This proves that the beginning of the world definitely wasn't an accident. I would recommend it to teenagers or kids who are interested in science and especially the creation/evolution debate.

Daniel: I learned that if there was too much oxygen in a place that there would be spontaneous combustion. This is important or else we would die. DIE. I liked it.

Abbie: I liked it. I learned about if we didn't have enough air we would die, and if we had too much, we would also die. 

In short, we all enjoyed it and would recommend it to other Creation/Evolution debaters like ourselves. But don't just take our word for it, click on the banner below to find out what other Crew mates thought about Privileged Species and other videos from Review

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