Jun 6, 2015

Penguin Tales: The Summer Plans Edition

Summer is supposed to be a fun, relaxing time to recharge for the next school year. And over the last few weeks, my kids have worked HARD to get schoolwork to a place where we can enjoy the months of June and July. I have been so pleased and proud of their effort that I have worked extra hard on planning out a glorious summer for them.

There will be lots of VBS. We have three or four lined up. My kids love VBS. A whole morning of snacks, crafts, stories, games, and basically being catered to by adults? Yes, please!!! As a rising 7th grader, Kaytie has experienced the joy of being a helper instead of a kid. Although she has discovered that it isn't always easy to reason with a five-year-old, she has also discovered that it is more blessed to give than to receive. It can be fun to be grown-up and responsible. :)

There will be lots of swimming. The pool has been open for eight days as of today and we have already visited it three times. We usually average every other day.

There will be lots of free play outside. Abbie informed me  that as soon as she was no longer required to do math every day she planned to be outside unless she was sleeping, taking a shower, or going potty. I am totally in favor of this plan.

There will be stuff at the library to do. I'm a bit hazy on this one, but the kids have the list that the library gave us and are making plans. Oh, and One Dollar Kid Movies at a couple of local theaters. I'm choosy about what we go see, but there are still plenty of options for us.

And, we have a to do list:

eat watermelon
eat as much ice-cream as possible
sit around the fire pit
make smores
practice soccer drills
go bike riding as a family
read as much as possible
lots and lots of jumping on the trampoline
go stargazing
catch the perseids in August
run through the sprinkler
kill lots of mosquitoes
write a book
build lots of things with Lego
paint/ draw/ create
catch bugs
add to our rock collection
make memory after memory after memory


Kaytie came to me with a problem. "Abbie promised to wash dishes for me and now she won't do it."
I have been down this road before and simply shook my head. "I'm not getting involved in this. You people need to start writing these promises down."

"Oh! But I did write it down!" She exclaimed. And she brought me a paper towel with the promise crudely written in sharpie, signed by both girls and even witnessed by Nate.

I looked at Abbie, "If you are  going to sign contracts, you have to keep them."

She sighed and walked into the kitchen while Nate added, "Especially if you are going to start a land war in China."


Apparently, the idea of a contract is catching on, because, a few days later, I found another one hanging on the fridge. This one was Kaytie's promise to play Risk with Nate and was signed by her, him, and "Sofie". I wonder if she knows that someone is out there forging her name?

Three pictures from Timehop


A few Facebook posts from the week:

Kaytie: I don't know why Nate is yelling at me!
Me: Because you told him there wasn't enough supper.
Kaytie: No, I didn't! I said there wouldn't be enough for everyone to have seconds!
Me: Exactly. 
What you said (in Girl Talk) "No seconds."
What he heard (in Boy Language), "I'm going to starve to death. Tonight. In agony. And blow away like a shriveled peapod in the dusty wind."
That sort of talk makes boys snippy.

You might be a homeschooler if:
You tell the kids to look for your keys and instead of hunting, they stand around arguing over how to say, "Where are the keys?" in whatever foreign language they are currently learning. 



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