Aug 28, 2015

7 Random Pictures

Sofie the Dreaded Jungle Basset shows off her Amazing Ears. We tease her a lot that she needs to be sure and stay indoors on windy days!

 photo IMG_4096_zps2zmmzete.jpg

This was going to be Kaytie's "last day of VBS ever as a kid" picture, but then we went to another VBS, so this is just a cute picture of her. :)

 photo IMG_4537_zpsypmfbprh.jpg

Abbie likes hanging out all chill.

 photo IMG_4123_zpsoqfi6bjj.jpg

The fire died down but they still had marshmallows to roast! Hot air and leathery lungs to the rescue!

 photo IMG_4609_zpstrzszpiu.jpg

These are play glasses. She wore these for days. Until I took her picture because she looked so adorable. Then she stopped wearing them. :(

 photo IMG_4596_zpsjxdirufa.jpg

These are fake glasses. He wanted his picture taken because his sister got hers taken. This is his goofy side. 

 photo IMG_4602_zpsq7yykmqk.jpg

These are not play glasses. He got glasses this summer. Doesn't he look smart?

 photo IMG_4645_zpsugyslrzs.jpg

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