Sep 19, 2015


Nate is taking a photography class at our co-op as well as working his way through some lessons at home. He has fallen in love with my camera and takes tons of pictures every day. I do not claim to have any sort of artistic "eye" but these are my favorites out of the hundreds that he has kept. The first one is a "self portrait" he took after he discovered the timer.

 photo IMG_5484_zpsptpc9hyn.jpg

 photo IMG_6333_zpsc3c10b0o.jpg

 photo IMG_6285_zpse8yjyvl9.jpg

 photo IMG_6151_zpstivwbbnn.jpg

 photo IMG_6106_zpsvtkcsafp.jpg

 photo IMG_5718_zpsncoipgtu.jpg

 photo IMG_5647_zpsyo2bnbxt.jpg

 photo IMG_5622_zpsilfl9ysz.jpg

 photo IMG_5515_zpscqii7pd1.jpg

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