Oct 15, 2015


We recently adopted two new family members. We were wanting a puppy for various reasons, so we picked out this little mutt... Scout.

 photo IMG_7632_zpszkufas88.jpg

She is a Shepherd/Heeler/Boxer mix. She was seven weeks old when we got her and she is a fun, feisty little girl. She was the runt, so she has a lot to prove and boy does she ever prove it! She loves to cuddle. She loves to play. She loves to eat. And she especially loves to sleep. When she sleeps, she just goes limp and doesn't move or wake up until she is good and ready. 

Then, later that same day, we saw this little baby.

 photo IMG_7613_zps4yk34zdh.jpg

She is a Lab/Shepherd mix. Even though it meant having three dogs, we just could not say "No" to her. Seriously, could you look at that face and resist taking it home?

 photo IMG_7751_zpsmwbl4tqk.jpg

She is a darling little girl, one week older than Scout. We named her Shiloh. She is calm (for a puppy), smart, and very graceful in her movements. The way she walks and holds herself reminds me strongly of a lion cub.

The kids, of course, are thrilled with their new family members.

 photo IMG_7719_zpsjrwvbbxz.jpg

 photo IMG_7692_zpsrdlshkq7.jpg

All the girls.

 photo IMG_7687_zpsidqlfkrh.jpg

Scout is Abbie's favorite because, "She is little, like me."

 photo IMG_7682_zpstlhb6e9s.jpg

Sofie, however, is not as happy about being a big sister. Here, she is annoyed because the puppy laid down on her tail. She will not have anything to do with the puppies except for barking at them a lot.

In addition to having two puppies of our own, Scout gets to have playdates with her biological sister because my nephew and niece-in-law adopted a puppy from the same litter. Maggie is the one on the far right.

 photo IMG_7679_zpslsi31foi.jpg

It seems a little crazy to adopt two puppies, but it sure had been fun!

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