Nov 9, 2015


We try to do nature study, but it usually takes the unplanned form. Like when one kid yells, "I found a lizard!" And everyone else runs to see. Or when we pause to admire a beautiful sunset. Or when the kids gather beautiful leaves and we take pictures or draw them. Or when another kid finds an insect or a plant that they want to know more about and we Google it.

But sometimes, I do actually make the time to do a more formal nature study. Last week, we dropped everything one afternoon and went to explore our arboretum. It's not very big and we can, if we go slowly and absorb everything, see it all in a couple of hours. But it's beautiful and it's fun.

The kids love sniffing flowers, keeping an eye out for bunnies and butterflies, and admiring trees. These trees are my personal favorite...

They especially love the Five Senses Garden where they can touch, smell, see, and taste freely. 

But this time, we discovered an extra bonus. 

Through a gate that we had never noticed before, we found a nature trail. A beautiful little path between two ponds that gave us a glimpse of water, trees, turtles, ducks, rocks, and more...

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