Jan 9, 2016

Top Ten Posts of 2015

I've never done a top ten round up before and I was actually a little surprised at what was the most-read of my posts.

The top one, by a long shot, was

The Science Life

this one shouldn't have surprised me, of course, because my kids are science-loving kids. I don't even worry that much about formal science in school because I know they are getting in on their own as they explore their world.

 photo IMG_1085_zps47f53376.jpg

The Great Grammar Discovery
 The story of how we discovered the one curriculum that I describe as "brilliant".

 photo IMG_2469_zps0a2b4541.jpg

Ancient History: Noah and the Ice Age

Our home-made history program

 photo IMG_2512_zps5f5a59e8.jpg

Not Fair!

A funny story about our favorite Dreaded Jungle Bassett

 photo IMG_3801_zpstdaotdnt.jpg

Curriculum Plans for 2015

In Freedom's Cause

This is a review for Heirloom Audio

 photo 10380774_10154141179855442_5487858321088097551_n_zpsjqmywifp.jpg

Ancient History: Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia, Nomads, Sumaria, Hammurabi, and Abraham

more history

 photo IMG_3342_zpszoczcusa.jpg

Playing in the Snow

 photo IMG_3759_zpsvncgarwy.jpg

Koru Naturals

another review post

 photo 07acce55-3dcd-407f-a480-238dab18046e_zpsjsjyzuaz.jpg

Memoria Press Penmanship

and another review post

 photo IMG_4256_zpsouatxiyf.jpg

It was a great year for us and we are looking forward to 2016! I hope that you are as well!

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