Feb 24, 2016

Schoolhouse Review Crew: SimplyFun

We started the new review year off with a bang! SimplyFun recently released four new games and we got to try one! We have spent the past few weeks playing Archery Dice: a  game for up to 4 players ages 7 and up.

SimplyFun Review

This is a rather unique game that mixes skill, strategy, luck, and lots of yelling in excitement.

The game consists of a stack of thick, cardboard circles with bullseyes on them, (these are called targets) a set of dice for each player, and a set of disks for each player. Everyone receives the same color of dice and disks.

The goal of the game is to earn four targets before anyone else does. The way this is done is simple: you put a target in the center of the table, stack your dice a certain distance away, and then, in a move similar to the classic game of marbles, you flick them at the target! And hope it lands on it!

Now there are more rules than just that, of course. It matters how you roll. It matters if your dice flies off the table. Because if your dice doesn't roll properly or it falls on the floor then you lose a turn. It matters what number you roll. Because if two people land a dice on the target, then highest number wins! And if you have two dice that have been flicked and they are the same number, then you yell, "Doubles!" And get another turn. 

I don't want to give the whole game away, so I'll just say that there are a lot of twists in this game, one of which is: it's possible for other players to "steal" the targets you have won. But that's ok, because then you have a chance to steal it back!

Once we took the game out of the box, the first thing we did was read the instructions, which seemed complicated at first. 

Especially when everyone tried to explain it to everyone else. So I finally said, "Let's just start and figure it out as we go." And that was a much easier way to learn the game!

We set up our dice towers the proscribed distance away.

And were ready to play!

After that there was just a whole lot of concentrating...

flicking dice...

calculating results...




and fun.

There might have even been some wails of despair. But those remain unphotographed.

We all have loved playing this game. The kids pull it out frequently, which is a true test of an enjoyable game in our house. They even coaxed their cousin into playing when she came to visit. 

One of the things I liked best about this game was that Abbie, the youngest, is able to win against her older siblings and even adults. Yes, there is some skill and strategy involved, but there is just enough luck at play that if she hangs in there and tries, she can beat us all. 

Her initial complaint was that it hurt her fingers, but she quickly came up with a solution that we would like to share with you...

Captain America gloves to protect her finger!!!!

Finally, I asked the kids to share their opinions of Archery Dice.

Kaytie: It's a really good game for building hand strength. It's really fun and younger kids have as equal a chance to win as older kids. It's great because it's for all ages: adults and kids. It builds hand-eye coordination and problem solving. It would be nice if they made an expansion pack so that more people than four could play at once. That would be a great idea! 

Nate: It's pretty fun. It's hard to get the flicking down. Because just when you think you've got it, you've moved to a different dice height and it messes you up! It's really cool, though. I would recommend it to a higher age group than it says on the box, because it is much harder than one would think. It sounds boring, but it's not. 

Daniel: It was fun because there was multiple different ways to win. I loved that dice flew everywhere. I liked rolling doubles and getting another turn. 

Abbie: I think it is a fun game. It is loud, sometimes. It's very competitive. It sometimes hurts your fingers, but I try to not flick it as hard and I wear gloves. My favorite part is when I win!!!! I wish more people could play at a time. . 

So there you go. We were delighted to get the chance to play this unique, fun game, and think you will enjoy it just as much as we do!

SimplyFun Review
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