Mar 23, 2016

Schoolhouse Review Crew: and The Ultimate Gift

Recently, the kids and I were treated to a movie by This movie, The Ultimate Gift,

As a child and a young adult, I never really thought too much about the movies I watched. I'm not a big movie fan, so I mostly just watched what everyone else wanted to see and didn't think it was too much of a big deal. But once I became a parent, suddenly I saw everything in a new light. Movies I didn't think twice about abruptly became movies I didn't want my kids to see! And thanks to the moral decay of our culture, it was difficult to find quality movies that were kid-friendly. Nobody wants to watch a poor-quality movie just because it has a moral slapped onto the end!

Thankfully, there are companies like This online store is based on a belief in the Bible and the Apostle's Creed. Their mission is to meet your our need for good, quality, movies that your whole family can enjoy without any cringing about what your child was just exposed to! They offer thousands of videos in a vast array of categories like Comedy, Biblical movies, Children's movies, Documentaries, Apologetics, Music Videos, and more. We have reviewed movies from before, and I always enjoy poking around their site looking for appropriate and enjoyable selections.

So you can imagine how pleased we were with the latest opportunity: The Ultimate Gift.

This is a full-length movie with an all-star cast and a touching story. Jason Stevens is spoiled little rich boy who has never wanted for anything. Well, not anything that money could buy, at any rate. When his grandfather dies, Jason is told that in order to inherit anything, he must earn his way to receiving twelve "gifts", and finally, the "ultimate gift". Reluctant at first, Jason eventually warms to the challenge. Not surprisingly, along the way he meets with difficulty, adventure, and a struggling family that he attempts to help. In the end, however, it is they who wind up helping him as he changes to become a better man.

The twelve gifts are listed on the website and at the end of the movie: the value of... hard work, money, family, friends, laughter, gratitude, giving, problems, learning, dreams, love, and a day... but I think that they forgot one, because he also received the value of forgiveness. But I don't want to give the story away!

The kids and I watched this movie together one afternoon, over a bowl of popcorn. They became pretty engaged quite quickly, asking for it to be paused if they had to go to the restroom or let a dog outside. They laughed often, were surprised at hearing some of their favorite songs by various Christian artists, and, I noticed, wiped away a tear or two...

As usual, I asked their opinion.

Kaytie:  I liked it. It had a good storyline. It was kinda funny. I learned that money isn't everything, that character is better and healthier. My favorite character was Emily because she was funny. I would recommend this movie to people who like good Christian movies. 

Nate: It was sappy. It has an interesting plot behind it and it was kinda funny when he yanked down the fence. It was cool that it had a Switchfoot song. I recommend it to people who like sappy movies.

Daniel: I liked it because it taught me lots of lessons like you get rewards for working hard. I think parents would really like this movie. 

Abbie: I liked it. It was a little bit sad. At the end, when he was imagining his grandfather sitting in the chair, that was my favorite part. It was a good movie. I learned that grownups are wise and I can trust them. 

All in all, we give this movie a thumbs up! Review
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