Apr 4, 2016

Cross Over

Last week, Daniel crossed over from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. This is a pretty special ceremony for a boy. They are all different and unique, but symbolize a growth in the boy, a moment to reward him for achievement and encourage him to tackle the next challenge.

 photo IMG_0545_zpsseootg05.jpg

There are twelve parts of the Scout Law. Each boy read the definition of one and then...

 photo IMG_0558_zps7budsapq.jpg

helped build the bridge they would walk across.

 photo IMG_0562_zps7guve05p.jpg

one by one to join their new troops.

The only award a Cub Scout takes with him is the Arrow of Light. Not every Cub earns this award, so it is special. Every boy in Daniel's Den earned it, and his Den Leaders made these awesome arrows for the boys to hang on their walls at home. 

 photo IMG_0581_zpss1qsps4b.jpg

Daniel was welcomed to his troop by his Daddy and his big brother. 

 photo IMG_0601_zpsvdcpjqyq.jpg

Now we have two Boy Scouts in our family!!!

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