Apr 29, 2016

Planning for Next Year: Seventh Grade Plans

I usually start thinking about the next school year in January. But this year, here it is nearly May, and I am only just starting to jot down plans. Mostly, this is because this year, everything worked so well that we will pretty much be just continuing to use what we are already using. There are a few new things and a few things I need to figure out, but mostly it will just be keeping on keeping on. Here is what I am thinking so far:

 photo IMG_9609_zpshdpgx5oj.jpg

Nate, 7th Grade

Math: Math U See Pre Algebra
(yes, I'm scared!)

We split up our Language Arts into many different parts, using products that best fit our needs in each area:

Grammar: Fix It! Level 3 Frog Prince

Writing: He will finish up Jump In: a workbook for reluctant and eager writers

Spelling: All About Spelling (He will finish up Level 6 and complete Level 7. I expect it will take him the entire year. When he is finished with Level 7 he is done with spelling instruction forever!)

Literature: This is a new subject for him. He needs absolutely no encouragement to read. Sometimes, though, he does need a little nudging to get out of a rut and into new and exciting books. So he will have a reading list, just so I am confident that he reads everything I want him to. He will also learn some basic literary terms and write some about his reading.

Technology/ Computer Programming: He will continue working at Khan Academy and will also take a class at our co-op (hopefully, he really really wants to). I'm also looking for other opportunities for him because this is the area he wants to pursue as an adult.

Piano: Hopefully, he will continue with lessons. If not, at least he has his guitar.

Bible: Still working our way through Bible Study Guide for All Ages. Kaytie and Nate are getting a little bored of it, but it is still the best I have found, so we will continue using it for now.

 photo IMG_5188_zpsbzkjpaty.jpg

Science: He and Kaytie will (hopefully) finish up Apologia General Science over the summer. Then they will start Apologia Physical Science in the fall. I already own it, so we will just move seamlessly from one to the next whatever the time frame happens to be.

Spanish: He will continue working through Duolingo. I am hoping to get the kids into a conversational sort of class, but I don't know if that is a possibility around here. They are definitely to the point that they need to start speaking the language.

Latin: It will not be a favorite, but he will definitely be doing Visual Latin this year.

Logic: The Thinking Toolbox. We are all looking forward to this!

Typing: He will learn some great typing skills at Typing.com

Geography: We had fun and learned a lot about Europe this year doing our own  Hoggard Geography. So we will tackle another continent this year using the same method.

 photo IMG_6106_zpsvtkcsafp.jpg

First, we will be reading and working our way through the Middle Ages in our own carefully crafted Hoggard History.

Also, we will be experiencing the Epic Glory of Texas History using The Story of Texas as a spine. I am really hoping to post our plans here because there is such a dearth of really good curriculum for Texas History. We are only going to do it once, all together, because I am expecting it to be a lot of work!

He is also considering some electives for high school credit.

As I post the other grades, I will link them up here:

Kaytie (8th grade)

Nate (7th grade): you are here

Daniel (5th grade): coming soon!

Abbie (4th grade): coming soon!

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Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

I will have a 7th grader next year, too. We are also going to be doing MUS Pre Algebra! It's neat to see what other families are planning. I've been working on my list lately, and I think I've got it pretty much figured out.


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