May 11, 2016

Planning for Next Year: Fourth Grade Plans

I usually start thinking about the next school year in January. But this year, here it is nearly May, and I am only just starting to jot down plans. Mostly, this is because this year, everything worked so well that we will pretty much be just continuing to use what we are already using. There are a few new things and a few things I need to figure out, but mostly it will just be keeping on keeping on. Here is what I am thinking so far:

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Abbie, 4th Grade:

Math: She will finish Math U See Delta and do the first half of Epsilon.

We split up our Language Arts into many different parts, using products that best fit our needs in each area:

Grammar: Fix It! Level 1 The Nose Tree. We wait until age 10 or so to start grammar. This is such an awesome program that we could probably have started this with her last year, but I thought it might be nice to have the younger ones doing some stuff (besides math of course) completely on their own. So we waited.

Writing: IEW's SWI Level A. It didn't work well with Kaytie and Nate, but since they are so different from the younger two, I am willing to give it a try with them. I also talked briefly with a friend and she gave me an idea to try on how to make it more engaging and palatable to my kids. We'll see.

Spelling: All About Spelling  We are only halfway done with Level 2, so we will finish that and maybe start Level 3. Maybe not. No pressure, no hurry. I'm going at their pace.

Handwriting: She will continue with daily copywork working on perfecting her cursive. She will also be using the Writing Wizard app for daily practice.

Phonics/ Reading/ Literature: We will continue to work on phonics, using the phonics portion of Logic of English. She will read to herself daily for 30 minutes. She has a booklist to work from, but she chooses her own books off that list and it is ok for her to add to it with books she finds at the library and around the house. She has already turned into a reader, so this will all be easy and fun for her.

Science: She and Daniel will continue learning science informally. They have both expressed an interest in human anatomy, so we will start there. I have tons of resources. If we still have school year left after that, we will plunge into chemistry, zoology, and geology.

Bible: Still working our way through Bible Study Guide for All Ages. I'm pretty happy that she and Daniel have become 85% independent in this subject. I only help with horribly hard words, random concepts, and spelling.

Art: I'm not sure yet. She will probably take a class with a local teacher and I'm sure will find plenty of ways to talk me into letting her use youtube tutorials. I don't know if I will try to find something super formal or not.

Spanish: She will start Duolingo. She is finally a strong enough reader that I think she can handle doing this. It might well be a colossal flop, but it's worth trying. We'll see how it goes.

Piano: Hopefully, she will continue with lessons. If not, I'm sure Kaytie will oversee some slow but steady progress.

Logic: She and Daniel will be joining me for a read aloud through Logic to the Rescue.

Typing: She will learn some great typing skills at

Geography: We had fun and learned a lot about Europe this year doing our own  Hoggard Geography. So we will tackle another continent this year using the same method.

First, we will be reading and working our way through the Middle Ages in our own carefully crafted Hoggard History.

Also, we will be experiencing the Epic Glory of Texas History using The Story of Texas as a spine. I am really hoping to post our plans here because there is such a dearth of really good curriculum for Texas History. We are only going to do it once, all together, because I am expecting it to be a lot of work!

Kaytie (8th grade)

Nate (7th grade)

Daniel (5th grade):

Abbie (4th grade): you are here!

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