May 12, 2016

Schoolhouse Review Crew: ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

We have, over the years, done many reviews for ARTistic Pursuits Inc. and every time there is an offer to review another one, we elbow our way to the front of the line, because we LOVE the products so much!

This time, we were given the chance to use the book Sculpture Technique Model. As usual, my thirteen-year-old daughter, Kaytie, chose to use the book for this review. She loves any sort of creating and was excited to try her hand at sculpting. She had done some pottery work and playing with clay several years ago, but that was kid stuff and this just seemed more sophisticated.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

The book is divided into three different units:
  1. Creating Mass with Putty
  2. Creating Scale with Clay
  3. Creating Surface with Fiber
The supplies needed are all listed in the front of the book and separated by unit. This made it easy for us to pick up exactly what she needed once she decided where to start. I also appreciated the inclusion of handy tips like not washing the putty down the drain, what tools do what specific skill, and a whole section devoted to using the products safely. 

The units were divided into lessons that each taught one element of sculpture and offered a project that demonstrated that element. The projects were set up in such a way that the student could chose what to sculpt yet still follow step by step instructions to learn the skill. For both the putty and clay sections, after the sculpture was created, there were instructions, tips and suggestions on how to paint it.

This book is definitely for older children: middle school on up, because it is not a craft book, but an in-depth instruction on how to create, how to work with the medium, and much is left open for the student to decide as they learn and develop.

The book is written directly to the student, so I was able to hand it to Kaytie and let her have at it. She loves to create this way, so it is perfect for her. I told her to decided which medium she wanted to start with and let me know what we needed to get. 

She chose to hang out in the clay unit. She would disappear for hours at a time with the book into her bedroom, which doubles as her art studio. She would then resurface with a new creation for us to admire. 

Kaytie says: This book was different from the regular drawing books, because it had step by step pictures. As with all the books, I love how it is written to the student because I can work through it on my own, or a teacher could use it for a class. I like how it gave different techniques like "burnishing" and "etching" because it gave me lots of new stuff to try. I wish that some of the units were more flexible because the projects were centered around just one type of material and that meant I had to use that. I wish I could have learned the elements using several types of materials. 

To sum up, we highly recommend Sculpture Technique Model as well as all the other art books ARTistic Pursuits Inc offers.

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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

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