Aug 22, 2016

Our First Day in Pictures

The day started at 7am with the arrival of this smiling face:

After the rest of us got up, we gathered at the table for breakfast and a feast of reason (aka Morning Meeting). It took me until nearly 11am to actually finish that cup of sweetness and the toast.

When the kids got out their school boxes, they discovered pleasant surprises inside. I'm usually better at photographing this event, but there was a lot going on and I only got a couple of halfway decent pictures.

For posterity's sake I will record that Kaytie received a mini mechanical pencil and a soccer ball key chain. Nate got a peeper and a mechanical car. Daniel also had a car and a tiny rubber lizard. Abbie found a pink, monkey key chain and a pretty wooden top. Langston got a top. He found his in a sack because he doesn't have a school box. And everybody got snickers!

Then it was time for the traditional pictures!

He is holding Abbie's sign because he didn't have one. He isn't technically in a grade, but he had to have a sign if everyone else did!!!

After that, the day proceeded at a very fast pace.

keeping track of it all



more magnets





more math


We got everything done except for Nate starting writing and Daniel and Abbie's science experiments. No body cried, not even me. There were a few snarls when we realized that I hadn't proof-read the little kids' schedules and they were wrong. Kaytie also felt a weird urge to senselessly rearrange her schedule, but I quickly decided to just let that argument go. Whatever, Teenager, whatever! And Abbie did exclaim, "I! AM! FRUSTRATED!" but that, also, was easily smoothed over.

We also got lost on the way to Spanish, but that is really too regular of an occurrence, (getting lost, I mean) to be that much of a wrinkle in the day.

So all in all, it was a great first day back!!!


Jodi said...

Your kids are getting old! What a fun momma you are. When I've neglected my blog and come back and find you here, I am always so happy. :) Like meeting up with a good friend. That I've never met but feel like I know. Here's to a brand new school year!

Four Little Penguins said...

And I'm always so happy when you post another blog post!
Even though it seems like your kids grow soooooo much between each time. It seems like Matthew should still be a little toddler. :)

Jodi said...

I think because he is the youngest, I still see him as a little toddler. I was telling my oldest, Carrie, that the other day. She just nodded and said, "Yeah...the baby of the family." :) I guess I treat him like a toddler too. Anyway in my oldest's eyes.


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