Aug 11, 2016


Today we are supposed to talk about our traditions in our homeschool. When I first thought about this, I realized that we don't have hard and fast traditions. We have things that we often do, but not anything that we do every single year. So I didn't know what to write about... then I decided that I would ask my children, and see what they felt that our traditions are.

First, I had to explain "tradition" to Abbie, and then I had to clarify to the boys that I meant special traditions, not just a list of what we did every day. But I finally received the following answers:

Kaytie: Back to school pictures in the fall when we change a grade. Not having school on our birthdays. Don't do school in the afternoons. Getting presents in our boxes the first day of school. 

Nate: Breakfast during all the "with you" school (he means our Morning Meeting time). When we go back to school, there is candy in our school boxes. We take a picture with a grade sign.

Daniel: We do Bible and songs every day. We do end of school Olympics sometimes. Sometimes we get special treat to celebrate. When we start school we slowly ease into it (Mom's note: we have NEVER done this and I have no idea why he thinks we have).

Abbie: We make schedules so that we can put them in our binders so we know what we are doing. We take pictures with signs on the first day of school.

I was surprised by their answers, and even more surprised that I had forgotten that we do take a picture every year on the first day of school with their grades written on a piece of paper! I was also pleased that Abbie fondly recalled the making of their schedules and binder covers. They choose the pictures, the colors, the fonts, and the general layout for these.

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