Sep 11, 2016

Middle Ages Book List

We are going to do History a little differently this year (read: more simply so maybe we will actually get it done!). For Middle Ages, I am happy to follow a timeline rather than try to box everything into a theme. So we are going to stick pretty closely to Mystery of History II instead of pulling a lot of different things together.

My plan is to read a lesson from MOH during our Morning Meeting. I will read from corresponding literature books then as well. We will do related "projects" in the afternoons. By projects I mean all the "fun" bits: timelines, notebooking entries, map work, foods to eat, crafts to make, volcanoes to set off, and all those sorts of things.

My booklist might be a little long. It's hard for me to say "No" to a good book! I compiled it by reading over lots of other people's lists:

Ambleside Online
Mystery of History
Tapestry of Grace
Story of the World

and several ordinary people's lists that have pinned on Pinterest.

I've been collecting Middle Ages books for several years now, by keeping my eyes peeled at the thrift store, the library book sales and when local homeschool moms sell used books. So I admit my final list was strongly influenced by what I already own. I was also more inclined to add books that were mentioned on more than one list. And I added books that I had already read and enjoyed myself.

So here is our list, in the order we will read them:

The Bronze Bow  Elizabeth George Speare                                
Twice Freed          Patricia St. John                                              
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights       Howard Pyle
Knights of the Round Table  adapted by Gwen Gross                                  
Black Horses for the King      Anne McCaffrey
The Sword in the Tree              Clyde Robert Bulla
Marguerite Makes a Book    Bruce Robertson 
The Great Wall of China   Leonard  Fisher                                   
Son of Charlemagne                 Barbara Willard                                 
Arabian Nights                 Andrew Lang                          
You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Viking Explorer
Viking Adventure              Clyde Robert Bulla
Journey for a Princess      Margaret Leighton
Otto of the Silver Hand     Howard Pyle
Men of Iron                        Howard Pyle                           
Robin Hood                        Howard Pyle
The Samurai’s Tale             Erik Haugaard
Pied Piper of Hamelin (poem)    Robert Browning
Adam of the Road        Elizabeth Janet Gray
The Door in the Wall      Marguerite de Angeli
The King and His Hawk (in the Book of Virtues)
He Went with  Marco Polo      Louise Kent
The Scottish Chiefs (Kaytie and Nate)   Jane Porter
Burns’ poem about Wallace and Bruce
Crispin the cross of lead     Avi
The Whipping Boy        Sid Fleichman
The Beggar’s Bible        Louise A Vernon
The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt By Day   Scott O’Dell
Fine Print: Johann Gutenberg                 Joann Burch

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