Oct 30, 2016

Our Week in Pictures

When people, in the future, ask me if my kids are socialized, I will just show them this picture, taken at the park where we had lunch with our co-op friends and say, "We are up to our necks in socialization!"

Do you see Scout? No. No you don't. Because she is hiding and she is quite good at it. I guess.

I took this picture one day during school. The kids were all working in various rooms around the house without me. This is independence. It's long been a goal of mine but it's bittersweet to have achieved it.

This is the Dreaded Jungle Basset feeling guilty because she knows she isn't supposed to be on my blanket. She feels guilty but not enough to stop doing what she knows is wrong.

Kaytie got a new book on how to draw comics and it has revolutionized her drawing. 

If our dogs wore Halloween costumes, which they don't, we would get this one for Scout, who looks like a little thug with her beady eyes, frowning eyebrows, and chain collar. She has the attitude to match, so if you ever need a bouncer, an enforcer, or someone to collect a debt, she's your dog.

And finally, a fun little picture of a truck-full of books. This is why it's fun to have a toddler around

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