Oct 10, 2016

Then and Now

A year ago today we lost our minds and adopted two puppies. The same day. 

First was Scout: a shepherd, heeler, boxer mix.

This is her on the day we brought her home.

This is her today. She is cute and babyish. She likes her own way. She is bossy and charming, demanding and loving. Nate is her favorite person.

Shiloh was the surprise. She is a shepherd/lab. 

This is her the day we brought her home. 

This is her today. She is aloof and reserved. She is also incredibly smart and obedient. She is a peace-loving pup who will almost always yield to everyone simply because she is pretty sure you want it more than she does. She is enormous. Daddy is her favorite person. 

Happy Gotcha Day, Puppies!!!

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