Nov 27, 2016

Homeschool Review Crew 2016 Blue Ribbon Awards

Every year those of us on the Crew vote on our favorite review products for the year. You can find the results of that vote by clicking on the link below

2016 Homeschool Review Crew Blue Ribbon Awards

Meet the Homeschool Review Crew Curriculum Favourites for 2016

On a more personal note, though, the kids and I like to choose our own Awards list. It's fun to look back over the reviews we have done and pick our favorites. I prefer those that make a big impact on someone's education, while the kids usually chose fun and exciting over the more practical choices. Here are our Top Ten Lists this year, all linked to our reviews.

My Top Ten:

10 Apologia Astronomy
9 Kwik Stix
8 Hey Mama! Planner
7 Stopmotion Explosion
6 Carole Roman's books
5 Artistic Pursuits: Model
4 Heirloom Audio: The Dragon and The Raven, Beric the Briton, The Cat of Bubastes
3 IEW Poetry Memorization
1 Accountable2You

Kaytie's Top Ten:

10 Heirloom Audio: Beric the Briton
9 Chara Games: Commissioned
8 FlipStir
7 ArtAchieve
6 The Glass Castle
5 The Ultimate Gift
Artistic Pursuits: Model
3 Simply Fun: Archery Dice
Kwik Stix
1 Stopmotion Explosion

Nate's Top Five

Heirloom Audio: Beric the Briton
Chara Games: Commissioned
3 The Glass Castle
Stopmotion Explosion
1 Chemistry 101

Daniel's Top Ten

10 Kwik Stix The Ultimate Gift
Carole Roman's books
7 Times Tales
Heirloom Audio: Beric the Briton
5 Heirloom Audio: The Dragon and the Raven
Chara Games: Commissioned
Simply Fun: Archery Dice
Stopmotion Explosion

Abbie's Top Ten

10 WAY Comes Home Kit
Kwik Stix
Chara Games: Commissioned
6 Critical Thinking Co.: Sentence Diagramming
4 Homeschool Copywork
Heirloom Audio: Beric the Briton
Stopmotion Explosion
Simply Fun: Archery Dice

and her honorable mentions: The Ultimate Gift
Carole Roman's books
The Familyman

And our 2016 family favorite is:

Stopmotion Explosion

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