Dec 23, 2016

Gingerbread Houses 2016

Every year the kids like to make gingerbread houses. However, we have two problems with gingerbread houses. One, none of us like gingerbread. At all. 

Second, and probably more importantly, I am not the kind of cook nor the kind of person that plays well with fiddly things like making gingerbread and cutting it and all. 

So we cheat. We use graham crackers. This year, we got fancy and Kaytie made royal icing. This made the whole process much easier for the kids. 

On the other hand, we forgot to buy candy and stuff... so the kids used whatever was left over from Abbie's birthday ice-cream bar. They had a ton of fun!

 photo 20161223_162316_zpszidhkaen.jpg

Daniel is the kid with the future in engineering. His house went up quickly and stayed up. It was the sturdy, well built house of the village.

 photo 20161223_162437_zpsnskdgmnc.jpg

Abbie's had the most personality. There is an entire story about her house, including Santa on the roof. And yes, Santa did fall off at least once during the making of the village. However, he did not disappear and leave an empty suit...

 photo 20161223_162440_zpsaj8znwjj.jpg

Nate had the most difficulty with construction. He is not a patient boy. So he tossed up some walls... asked for help from his siblings... and eventually settled for some male humor and walked away with a handful of stolen chocolate chips.

 photo 20161223_162507_zpsjk97ptgz.jpg

Kaytie is the sibling with the eye for decoration. She is creative and loves things to be pretty. Her's was the most attractively decorated.

 photo 20161223_162550_zpsocnqgdyw.jpg

She helped rebuild Nate's Jericho.

 photo 20161223_162626_zpsith7bq9k.jpg

Careful placement of the icing...

 photo 20161223_162630_zpsb0hizw8c.jpg

Standing like a stork helps the icing set faster, I guess.

 photo 20161223_163246_zpsc5tgldnr.jpg

Come on, Santa! Co-operate!!!

 photo 20161223_164637_zpspfu32toe.jpg

Daniel's house. Complete with chimney.

 photo 20161223_171256_zpsmqdtbt2b.jpg

Built strong enough to survive monsters of all sorts.

 photo 20161223_171311_zpsa3jaemgq.jpg

Abbie's house. Santa found a spot that was a little more secure than the pitched roof.

 photo 20161223_171343_zpsmuie8snv.jpg

Yea, Santa!!!

 photo 20161223_171346_zpsw1kjvh4z.jpg

Kaytie's house, covered beautifully in yummy chocolate.

 photo 20161223_165441_zps20fyv1vl.jpg

And Nate's house. The, ummm, "thing" on top is actually a reindeer.

 photo 20161223_164126_zpsrbkglfmq.jpg

A very naughty reindeer who did not go potty before they left the North Pole.

 photo 20161223_164135_zpsncwojuue.jpg

Merry Christmas from all four little penguins!!!!

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