Jan 30, 2017

Fine Arts Is The Fun Part

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Welcome back to the Virtual Curriculum Fair, led by Susan from Homeschooling Hearts and Minds. Over the past few weeks we have talked about

How We Learn

Playing with Words

Discovering Patterns

Exploring Our World

and we are finishing up the Fair today with Seeking Beauty.

This week we are talking about Fine Arts and anything else that brings Beauty to our homeschool. I am not a creative, artistic person. I don't draw or paint or craft or sew. I create stuff. I don't know how to make music. The arts are not my strength. It's not that I don't enjoy beauty, it's just not something I am good at creating.

However... my kids, they can. They do art so well they don't even need me. They think it is the fun part, not only of school, but of life.

Kaytie is constantly creating. She spends her free time in some sort of artistic endeavor. She writes stories. She draws. She paints. She plays the piano. She choreographed a dance to dance for us for Christmas. She does not need my help. I try to keep her supplied with paper, canvas, pencils, paints and lots of good feedback. For her, fine arts is the very breath of life.

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Daniel and Abbie both do art on their own as well. They don't do it as often as Kaytie, but they enjoy a good afternoon of drawing, painting, sculpting with clay or creating with playdough on a fairly regular basis. Again, I try to keep them in supplies and stay out of their way except for applauding their efforts.

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Nate is not as artsy. But he can play some piano and is attempting to learn the guitar. He is more into coding as his art form. He also enjoys photography.

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For actual schoolwork, our Fine Arts lean more toward the Charlotte Mason method. We do "art study" with copies of pictures. Currently we are "studying" Monet although the Impressionists are not my favorite. We read and memorize poems because we enjoy it. We sing together to learn hymns. Occasionally, we even listen to classical music although none of my children really appreciate it. (I don't mind, I didn't either when I was their age. They'll grow into it I expect.) All of these activities take place in our Morning Meeting time.

All of my children have had piano lessons. We are currently without a teacher, but I make them practice daily anyway. They are expected to play through the songs they know.

They have also all taken art lessons offered by a graduate homeschooler. Because outsourcing your weaknesses can be truly awesome for everyone!

We aren't currently using a lot of products in our pursuit of Beauty, but some of our favorites from over the years include:

Art Achieve  our review is here

Artistic Pursuits (our review)

Kwik Stix

Maestro Classics (our review)

Classics for Kids

Ambleside Online

Great Musicians Series

Spotify  and Pandora are great places to find classical music

my kids like to find tutorials on Youtube, but of course, you want to be supervise this

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Susan said...

I spend a lot of time staying out of my kids' way when it comes to art, also. :) Thank you for sharing.

Annette V said...

it's good to let them just do art, but I find challenging them once in a while to do something different is a good thing. :) Visiting from the VCF.

Brittney Mom's Heart said...

I'm not artistic or creative either, but I try to encourage my kids. We enjoy a lot of the resources you mentioned.


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