Jan 16, 2017

Math U See and All the Supplements

Welcome back to the 2017 Virtual Curriculum Fair!!! A group of homeschool mommy bloggers, led by Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts and Minds are blogging inspiration and hope through the dreary and blah month of January. We have talked about:

See How We Learn

Playing With Words

and this week we are talking about Discovering Patterns in math and/or mathematical sciences.

Our main math program is Math U See. We have used it for years and I don't see us ever changing. It works for my kid who excels in math. It works for my kids who are "meh" in math. It works for my kids who struggle in math. It works for me, the mom who doesn't know or understand math, the mom who is allergic to anything requiring numbers. So there we are. I talk about Math U See and how we use it here.

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This post is more about the supplements we use to help us hone our math skills.

My kids catch on to concepts quickly, but will forget them just as quickly if we don't use them. I am glad that MUS has a lot of built in review, which helps us tremendously, but sometimes even that isn't enough for certain concepts. In those cases, I love the freedom that comes with Khan Academy.

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Khan Academy is free. It is also easy for my kids to navigate on their own. Nate, (12 year old) especially enjoys playing with the math lessons at Khan Academy. I say "playing" because, while he dislikes math when he has to do it for school, the freedom of choosing which lessons to do and the excitement of doing math online makes Khan a pleasure for him. A pleasure he would quickly lose if he had to do it for regular school. So it remains a supplement.

We also, every day, use Wrap Ups. I have four of them, one for addition, one for subtraction, one for multiplication and one for division. At the end of our Morning Meeting every day, each kid grabs their wrap up and I get out my timer. If they can correctly complete a key on their wrap up in less than 30 seconds then they get to move on to the next key. Once they work their way through the entire wrap up, they switch with a sibling and start over. We do three rounds every day. This simple exercise takes up 3 to 5 minutes of our day and they LOVE it. It has helped so much with their math facts.

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Other helps for math facts include:

Xtra math (this one is FREE!)

Uber Smart Math Facts 

Cap Jack's Math Facts 

Times Tales

Mad Dog Math

Math Facts Now

and if none of that tempts you, you can always go to Youtube and find some math facts songs to sing with your kids!

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And if you want to link up your own math post, feel free to below!


:) said...

you might need to show me these little wrap up things you speak of :D

Brittney said...

Maybe I need to do some kind of challenge like that with the wrap-ups! I bet my kids would like "racing" each other.

Lori said...

Love the race with the wrap-ups. We may need to pull those out more often than we do. - Lori

Susan said...

Thanks for your list of supplements. We use or have used many of these. :)

Michele said...

We love wrap ups as well! A great thing for visual and hands on kiddos!


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