Apr 29, 2017

How to Raise Your Hand

I looked up from helping Kaytie with her math to see Abbie with her elbow on the back of her chair and her hand sort of oddly curled at her shoulder. 

"Are you just chillin'? Trying to look cool? Or what?" I asked her.

"I have my hand raised to ask for help!"

That was when I realized that my poor little homeschooled kids didn't know how to properly raise their hands in class. So we had a lesson...

The proper way to raise your hand:

 photo 18118753_10158664646835442_5810419592991602372_n_zpsmidqryqd.jpg

The proper way to raise your hand when you're short and you are afraid the teacher won't notice you. This is also good form for when your parents are teachers and you feel the need to make them proud.

 photo 18057211_10158664646995442_7906588116853166364_n_zpspslj2vwe.jpg

The incorrect way to raise your hand. She balked at having her picture taken, so I made her be the bad example. lol

 photo 18157131_10158664647155442_8963855418031035971_n_zps5lq4z2fh.jpg

If you need a lesson in how to raise your hand for help... you might be homeschooler!

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