May 30, 2017

Curriculum Plans for 9th, 8th, 6th and 5th grades

We used to school in a more year-round fashion, but now that the kids are older we take a couple months off in the summer and start fresh in the middle of August. Around here, mid-August is still summer, but once we start school, we consider it "fall".

In March and April, we start wrapping up our current year and I start thinking about next year and trying to get all my planning done. I like to have all my subjects decided on and know what I want to do use for each subject. That way I have all summer to procure materials... hopefully used or at least at sale prices.

First, I'm going to talk a little bit about what we do all together, which is becoming less and less as the kids get older. All of our together work is done first thing in the morning while the kids eat breakfast. We call this Morning School as a holdover from the days when it used to take us all morning to do our together work. Even though now it only takes us about an hour.

We do Bible, which is simply me reading aloud a chapter or a passage and us discussing it afterward. Then I read aloud from our current history go-along and a Mystery of History lesson. If there is any other book we are working through then I will read that, too. We sing, go over composer, artist and poetry study, do our memory work and then finish it off with wrap ups.

I honestly have very little of this planned out at this time. I usually leave this planning for last because I rarely buy things for Morning School but just use whatever I have gathered up over the year. We sing from the hymnbook I grew up with. I do, however, gather and print poems, Scripture verses, and artwork.

So, this is the landing page for our plans for the fall... always subject to me changing my mind or something just not working out. Check back as these links become live soon.

Kaytie: 9th grade

Nate: 8th grade

Daniel: 6th grade

Abbie: 5th grade


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