May 27, 2017


Today was the last day to babysit until fall (his parents are school teachers), so now we feel as though summer has truly, officially arrived!


We are excited because around here summer means sleeping in (during school the baby comes early!), swimming, reading heaps of books, sleepovers, big projects, parks, camp, VBS, ice cream, popsicles, lazing around with the dogs, board games, singing, playing, writing, and...


this year, it also means..

math review. My two oldest kids just finished pre-algebra. Neither excel at math, and one of them in particular really struggled with recall of past information. So I found a fun, easy way to review for them over the summer. At keast, I hope I did!


He has looked it over and says he likes it. So there's that. We'll see how it works out for us. 

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