Jun 12, 2017

6th Grade Curriculum Plans

This is the second post of our plans for the 2017 and 2018 school year.  You can check out the other grades on the landing page.

Daniel (6th grade)

My brand new middle schooler!  It's funny to think how freaked out I was when Kaytie started middle school and how calm I am about the third child. It's all old hat, now.

Math: Math U See Zeta The last level before pre-algebra. This kid is good at math. Just this morning he was explaining to me "easy" ways to multiply big numbers. His brain just pulls numbers apart, sees the patterns, and puts them back together again. Too bad he wasn't the oldest so he could teach all the other kids math!

Grammar: Fix It! Grammar Level 3 He's a numbers kid, not a word kid, but he loves this program. He learns and retains information easily and never even complains about it!

Spelling: All About Spelling Level 4 He does complain about this program, but I love how it teaches the rules of spelling. Eventually, he will be a strong speller.

Writing: Jump In! Daniel and Abbie will do this together. They are so totally different than my first pair. They don't mind writing. We did some fun stuff last year that worked really well, and I am so hoping the structure of Jump In! doesn't scare them off. If they start balking, we will just go back to writing stories.

Lit: He and I sat down and chose a list a list of books that we are both happy with. Mostly he went off his sister's choices, but he also wanted books with "action", so we added some of those. The fun part of making these lists was that the big kids got involved with their ideas and opinions.

History: Mystery of History (starting wherever we left off in 2 and going from there) I read this aloud during our group time (Morning School), but it is generally the first thing dropped when we are in a time crunch so it can be slow going. I am planning some go alongs for the little kids this year. I won't make the big kids join in. I'm hoping that more will get done this way because the little kids like go along projects and the big kids would really just prefer not.

IMG_5084 (2)

Science: For the first time ever, I am splitting up the younger two kids for science. When all my kids were little, combining was the way to go! But now that they are older and far more opinionated and independent, it really works better to give everyone their own work. Daniel and Abbie especially love planning out their own daily schedule and having to wait on each other is an irritant. They also do better not having to wait on me to get around to helping them.

So, this year, Daniel and Abbie chose their own science topic and we are busily compiling resources to give them a super fun year!

Daniel chose Geology/ Earth science for this year. I am looking at maybe Easy Peesy, maybe Apologia Astronomy, maybe some parts of Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space. He mostly wants to do Geology so I am trying to gather some resources for that. He likes Schoolhouseteachers.com elementary geology course so we will definitely be doing that.
I have some volcano kits, rock kits and excavating kits for him. As well as some books to read.

Geography: Going Around the World at Our Kitchen Table

Tech: CompuScholar This is a high school level course, but he has already started it (it was a review product from the Homeschool Review Crew) and enjoys it, so I am going to let him finish it and give him credit for it if he does well.

Bible: Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Spanish: a mix of Duolingo and the last of Flip Flop Spanish. We have been using Flip Flop for years! We have taken it slowly and added lots of extra review. They both enjoy the games and Abbie absolutely loves the whole thing. Neither are that excited about adding in Duolingo, but I think they are ready.

Latin: Memoria Press First Form Latin Another review product that he wants to continue doing. He specifically asked that this be put on his list. Yea!

So that's about it for his year. Hopefully, he will be in a book club with some homeschooling friends. He will definitely play soccer, participate in Boy Scouts, go to co-op, and do lots of creative work on his own.

Next week I will have our 8th grader's plans and the links below will become live as I post them.

Kaytie: 9th Grade
Nate: 8th Grade
Abbie: 5th Grade

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