Jun 27, 2017

9th Grade Curriculum Plans

This is the fourth and final post of our plans for the 2017 and 2018 school year.  You can check out the other grades on the landing page.

Kaytie (9th grade)


We are revamping our entire mindset with high school. Actually, no, we are not. It just feels like it. I am moving her a few steps closer to independent learning and am moving myself very much more into an adviser role. She will even have her own planner and form her own schedule. I am just there to make sure she is staying on that schedule. I am the enforcer.

The plan is that we will set up her schedule as weekly allotments of work. Then she can complete that work in whatever method she so desires. She can double up and do it in fewer days. She can do all her math or all her history in one day and then focus on other things. However she wants to do it. It just has to be done by Friday night or she suffers the consequences. And there will be consequences. She also has to meet any deadlines given to her by me or her other teachers. I will be checking in with her daily to help her stay focused and on track because I want to set her up to succeed, not to fail.

She is starting out with two and a half credits completed and, if she works over the summer to finish up the creative writing and astronomy she didn't do this year, she will have two more. Not bad for an incoming freshman.

Math: Math U See Algebra 1 (1 credit)

Language Arts: (1 credit)

*These are still undecided. I am going to buy them and am 99% sure that we will use them, but I don't know if I am going to make her do both of them this year or not.

Biology (1 credit) I am planning on a homeschool mom friend teaching Kaytie and Nate Apologia biology. . I am really very excited about this! I love outsourcing and she is going to give them a great science year! Her son is a good friend of theirs, so they are excited, too!

Streams of Civilization I (1 credit) They will be doing this independently as well as listening to Mystery of History readings with the little kids every morning.

Around the World in 180 Days  (1 credit) A quick, easy and fun way to get that World Geography credit!

Spanish II from a local teacher (1 credit) I love outsourcing!

Soccer (1 PE credit)

Speech (.5 credit) I am teaching an IEW speech class to Kaytie and a few other local homeschool kids.

Choir (1 credit) A homeschool mom is starting a choir this fall and Kaytie has already been accepted into it. She is looking forward to learning more about singing. She doesn't even know yet that I'm also giving her a credit for it!

 photo 20170416_131357_zpslhgjmkbl.jpg

So she will earn eight and a half credits this year, which might seem like a lot, but is actually a lighter work load than she is used to. She is pleased to have fewer subjects and to be able to focus and dig deep.

She will also be going to co-op and hopefully continue with her creative writing club.

She and I both are excited and think it is going to be a great year!

Nate: 8th Grade
Daniel: 6th Grade
Abbie: 5th Grade

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