Jul 6, 2017

5th Grade Reading List

My younger two kids are not voracious readers, but my ten year old daughter does have the ability to get lost in a book. She enjoys reading but is just now fully conquering the mechanics and becoming what I would consider a "strong reader".

She and I sat down together and chose her book list for her fifth grade year. She is a lover of animals, and that is certainly reflected in her list. For my part, I tried to put down books that would challenge her, but not overwhelm her. My older kids were a great help with that. They have read and re-read almost all of these books and could give me a really great perspective on what might be too difficult or what she would really love.


Socks       Beverly Cleary
Charlotte’s Web     E.B. White
The Cricket in Times Square      George Seldon
Ginger Pye     Elenor Estes
All of A Kind Family (I have the first one down, hopefully, she will get interested and read the whole series on her own)      Sydney Taylor
Mr. Popper’s Penguins      Richard Atwater
Snow Treasure      Marie McSwigan   
Caddie Woodlawn     Carol Ryrie Brink
Half Magic      Edward Eager
Trapped in the Old Cabin        Patricia Kershaw
Prince Caspian     C.S. Lewis     (She has already read The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe)
A LittlePrincess     Frances Hodgson Burnett
Justin Morgan Had a Horse    Marguerite Henry
The Saturdays    Elizabeth Enright  (Another one I hope she adores and reads the rest of the series)
Big Red      Jim Kjelgaard
Sarah Whitcher’s Story       Elizabeth Yates     
A Lion to Guard Us    Clyde Robert Bulla

We are really relaxed with book lists around here. Abbie will choose books off the list in any order. She is required to read a little bit each day. I usually have to make her stop and do other work after awhile. I try to encourage her to leave reading till last so she can read as much as she wants, but she doesn't always follow my advice.

She will read until the book is finished and then she will chose another. Hopefully, we will finish this list. If we don't, we will roll the remnants over to her 6th grade list. If she runs out before the end of the school year, I will just find other books for her to read! There is no shortage of good books in our house! 

It is also possible that at some point, she will ask if she can read another book for school. As long as it is a "real" book ie: not a comic book or a book way too easy for her, I will say yes. I want my kids to love reading and I don't believe there is only path to get to that love. As long as she is reading a wholesome book, I am happy.

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