Jul 12, 2017

6th Grade Reading List

If you read my 5th grade list, you will notice that this 6th grade list is remarkably similar. When you homeschool your kids and they are super close in age, they wind up doing a lot of things at the same time. Daniel and I read over Abbie's list and he chose what he wanted to keep on his list and what he wanted to cross off. Then we added books we thought would suit him better. He wanted some books with action in them, so I tried to accommodate. He likes to read the least of all the kids; I am still tempting his appetite. But he has come so far in the last couple years! I'm pretty proud of him.

Socks       Beverly Cleary
Charlotte’s Web     E.B. White
The Cricket in Times Square      George Seldon
Ginger Pye     Elenor Estes
Mr. Popper’s Penguins      Richard Atwater
Snow Treasure      Marie McSwigan   
Caddie Woodlawn     Carol Ryrie Brink
Half Magic      Edward Eager
Trapped in the Old Cabin        Patricia Kershaw
Prince Caspian     C.S. Lewis     (He has already read The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe)
The Saturdays    Elizabeth Enright  (I hope he likes this and reads the rest of the series)
Big Red      Jim Kjelgaard
Sarah Whitcher’s Story       Elizabeth Yates     
A Lion to Guard Us    Clyde Robert Bulla
The Little Green Frog    Beth Coombe Harris
Nim’s Island      Wendy Orr
The Indian in the Cupboard     Lynne Reid Banks
Star of Light      Patricia St. John
Winnie the Pooh      A.A. Milne


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