Aug 25, 2017


I didn't exactly plan ahead for the eclipse. I figured we could just go outside and look around, see that it was darker and cooler than normal and that would be good.

But then we were invited to a friend's to view it through a telescope and I got excited about how cool that would be.

But then I realized we couldn't go to our friend's because Kaytie and Nate had Spanish class about five minutes after it was supposed to peak here.

So I was bummed.

Then another friend offered me a pair of solar eclipse glasses because she had an extra pair. And I got excited again.

Then she told me they were not any good and we shouldn't use them. Bummer.

Then another friend bought a ton of them and sold them to our homeschool group on a first-come/ first-serve basis and I bought four pair. Score!!!

So then we kinda had to do something, right?

So we bought solar eclipse snacks...


packed up some schoolwork (which we never actually did) and drove to a park around the corner from the Spanish class.

Then the clouds moved in. Bummer.

We were able to get some nice glimpses of it between the scurrying clouds and it cleared up right before the peak.



It was neat to see how much darker and cooler it was. It felt like the clouds were still over the sun even though they weren't. 

We only had four pairs of glasses, so we had to take turns which kept us from looking too long at one time. So we stayed perfectly safe and had a great time.

We did see these ducks that had no glasses though. After all the warnings about keeping pets inside, we yelled at these guys to stop looking at the sun!!! We probably saved their lives. They didn't seem very grateful, though. Silly ducks.


Oh well, we had a good time anyway. 

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