Aug 17, 2017

First Day of School

We started school on Monday. Our first days are always great. While the kids are not necessarily excited about school, they do like change and new things. They are always interested to see just what exactly I have planned and how it's all going to work out. They are eager to please and eager to get things done so they can go back to their own plans. It would be awesome if this attitude lasted the entire school year, but it doesn't, so I just take advantage of it for as long as it lasts.


This year, my oldest is officially in high school. She has earned some credits already but now she can actually say she is in 9th grade! She'll move to a different group at church, but that is about all the change that will happen for her, socially. At home, it means more freedom and more responsibility. She is looking forward to both.


Nate is finishing up middle school this year. But since we are homeschoolers, it is a bit more complicated than that. He is earning high school credits this year, but everywhere else (except for soccer) he is in the middle school group. He is also being given a little more freedom to accept responsibility in his studies this year. His first week showed great promise! I'm pretty proud of him.


And Daniel... our brand new middle schooler! He is not sure how he feels about middle school. The only real change for him is at church. Everywhere else this is not a monumental year for him. But at home, he has taken on a lot more independence in his learning. I expect this will turn out to be a great year for him!


Abbie is in 5th grade, my last elementary student. She has done well this week with new subjects and new expectations. She is going to be busy this year with a lot of opportunities for social learning.


And now here's a few pictures of our first day...

Morning School (our term for Circle Time/ Morning Basket/ Group Work etc.)


Our biggest and best-beloved tradition is a surprise in their pencil boxes on the first day.





They work hard while I sit around and take pictures...



Although, not everybody works hard. Some of us sleep hard instead.


Math requires a comfy spot and a cozy blanket for moral support.



One of the blessings of big kids is that they help each other instead of always needing me. It makes my heart happy.


How I keep track of four kids all at once!






Yea!!! Wrap-ups!!! The excitement is palpable!


Have you started back to school yet? I hope your first day is/was as great as ours!!!


a49erfangirl said...

I love the idea of putting a surprise in their pencil cases!! Our new school year started August 1st, but we are still on our summer schedule. So our first real day of full studies will be September 5. Loved seeing the kids pictures and grades. Hope they have a wonderful/fun school year!

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

"They work hard while I sit around and take pictures." LOL! That cracked me up. Not quite the way it really went, I'm sure. ;)


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